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Here at Horseshoe Creek Outfitters we do our best to make sure you have a hunting experience of a life time and a great stay. 


Rick Akin
Hazlehurst, MS

Dick Anderson
Menlo WA



Cades Pope

Sonora, TX


Brett Jefferson

Las Vegas, NV




"Horseshoe Creek is Best of All. Lots of game, effective organization, also for handicapped walkers!"

"Ray gives his personal attention to every aspect of the hunt and works hard for you to get what you are after AND have a good time while doing it."

"The Southern End of the Serengeti of the North."

 "A Paradise in abundance and variety of game spotted in one day's hunting!"

"Drove up from NV, what a wonderful experience and successful hunt with Ray and his crew. I scored a big Moose & Elk. Would highly recommend hunting friends book a hunt! (Lady Hunter)"

"Been dreaming of a hunting trip to Canada. The dream came true. We saw a lot of Bears, Elk some Moose, and even a pack of wolves. (7 Days) We also enjoyed the great food & hospitality of these very nice people."

"The Best thing about the Jackson family was that I was a team member, I forgot being a customer."

"I dropped my quiver, but I was seeing so much game, I didn't want to come down from the tree stand!"

"You gave me the opportunity...........I missed!"

"The most fun and relaxed hunt I've ever been on!"

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