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Typical coloration is black to cinnamon with a white blaze on the chest or straight black. The snout is tan or grizzled with a straight or slightly convex profile. The average weight for a Black Bear is 200-600 pounds.

One to five cubs are born in January to early February generally every second year. The young weigh only one-half a pound at birth. This uniquely North American bear is generally nocturnal and solitary. It is classed as a carnivore although most of its diet consists of vegetation such as twigs, buds, leaves, nuts, roots, various fruits, corn, and berries. They are also good fisherman and feed on spawning salmon. Before winter it puts on a great supply of fat, then holes up for the winter in a sheltered place. Hunting black bears is a popular sport, the meat is eaten and often the hides are made into rugs.

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